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Why Franchise with Fitness Machine Technicians

With a 30-year track record of repairing fitness equipment, Fitness Machine Technicians specializes in the maintenance and repair of fitness equipment for commercial and home exercise facilities. Our clients include fitness centers, corporations, hotels, apartments, condominiums, high schools, colleges and universities, government organizations, and residential homes across the US.

Fitness Machine Technicians offers a unique business opportunity for franchisees to open their own home service franchise! Our franchisees service exercise equipment and are certified by most manufacturers. This allows Fitness Machine Technicians franchisees to have the potential for residual income through recurring service-based contracts.

We feature a proven business model and nationwide franchise system and stand out in an industry dominated by mom-and-pop operators. Our franchise owners can be owner-managers or investment managers with a general manager to oversee day-to-day operations, including field techs and office staff.

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The Benefits of Choosing Fitness Machine Technicians

As an emerging brand experiencing a tremendous growth phase, Fitness Machine Technicians is the largest exercise-equipment service company in the country, with big plans to dominate the segment. There are many great reasons to choose Fitness Machine Technicians!

At Fitness Machine Technicians, we offer aspiring business owners the opportunity to build their franchise quickly and efficiently so they can thrive on a new career path. Fitness Machine Technicians offers a scalable business model with low overhead and massive corporate support to put our franchisees in the best possible position to succeed.

When you become a franchisee with Fitness Machine Technicians, you'll receive:

  • World-class training
  • Exclusive cloud-based management software
  • Managed online branding and marketing
  • Customer acquisition via our call center
  • Business coaching
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Veterans Discount

In support of those who have served our country, qualified veterans, active military, and their spouses receive a discount of 10% off the franchise fee.

With Fitness Machine Technicians . . .

Low Investment

As a service-based franchise, Fitness Machine Technicians doesn’t have many of the expenses that burden brick-and-mortar franchise owners. Our low investment cost means you can work from a home-based office or small leased space (about 500 square feet). You can lease or buy your technicians’ field vehicles. Inventory is on-demand direct from suppliers as needed for repairs, so minimal storage space is required.

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Proven Systems

Fitness Machine Technicians franchisees have control over their business development. They’re able to do this by using our proven systems and processes. Our proven model is easy to follow, and our three-month grand-opening marketing program allows a franchisee to gradually ramp up operations and adjust to residential business before embracing commercial and B2B sales.

Our streamlined operations include a comprehensive field service management system, a preventive maintenance contract template with a pricing calculator, a comprehensive database of manufacturers, a grand opening marketing plan, and ongoing support.

No Experience, No Problem

Our simple, turnkey business model makes the business easy to run and sell to a wide range of clients, both residential and commercial: technical know-how isn’t required. Virtually everything you need to get started is included in your initial investment.

Our ideal candidate has strong networking skills, is familiar with their community’s residential and commercial make-up, and has a passion for owning a business that they can easily scale. Additionally, franchisees have the option to be owner-managers or investment managers with a general manager on staff.
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Streamlined Operations

As a Fitness Machine Technicians owner, you have control over your business development using our proven systems and processes. Streamlined operations include:

  • A comprehensive field service management system for quotes, scheduling, and invoicing, including GPS tracking of technicians.
  • A preventive maintenance contract template for recurring revenue with a pricing calculator.
  • A comprehensive database of manufacturers with strong pre-existing relationships.
  • A grand opening marketing plan and ongoing support.

Veterans Discount

In support of those who have served our country, qualified veterans, active military, and their spouses receive a discount of 10% off the franchise fee.

Why Choose Main Line Brands?

With Fitness Machine Technicians and Main Line Brands, you join a family of brands committed to providing excellent customer service to our clients and a proven business model for our franchisees.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to acquire service brands and help them scale. We’re committed to delivering professional, reliable services with prompt, personalized customer service. We believe that customer communication is key to our success, so we strive for experienced, friendly, and accurate service at all times.

Main Line Brands is proud to offer all of the solutions our customers need for repairs and preventive maintenance on their fitness equipment. We aim to serve with a united vision and purpose to bring peace of mind with professional, friendly service to all of our customers.

Opening a home service franchise with Fitness Machine Technicians and Main Line Brands is a great opportunity to deliver the most reliable fitness equipment repair and preventive maintenance services to your community.

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